Can I go for a drive during Coronavirus?

With the goal of Australians wanting to flatten the curve, coronavirus restrictions have been challenging to adjust to, it has made us all come to a realisation of how much freedom we had before this virus struck and what we may have taken for granted.

 With this goal being our number one priority, police across the country have been advised to monitor and crack down on all non-essential travel.

 Each state have expressed their own definition of what is essential and what isn’t - so here is a breakdown of where you can and can’t drive during restrictions.

Can I go for a drive during Coronavirus to see my partner?

 Restrictions in Victoria and New South Wales were pretty much the same when they announced that travelling to see your partner was only deemed essential if it was for the sole purpose of providing care. However, the slight difference was Victoria deemed that travelling to each others houses were acceptable so long as you didn’t bring any other visitors.

 Other states have been more lenient on the restriction, whereas Tasmania police have advised that people should only be leaving their houses for essential needs like food or medical services.

 Western Australia allowed partners to visit each other if they lived in the same region but here’s the catch, they must practice social distancing when visiting each other.

 Yes, that’s a thing.

 What happens if I get caught driving without a valid excuse?

 Drivers who are unable to provide a valid excuse for driving will be asked to go home immediately,  with fines being issued of different value depending what state you are in. Fines up to $50,000 occurred in Western Australia.

 That’s one expensive tank of fuel.

 So the short answer is, no you can’t drive during lockdown in Western Australia unless you meet one of the four essential reasons and unfortunately cosmetic services aren’t included, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

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