Can You Visit Family During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

2020 is a year that has taken off in a direction no one could have predicted. The unprecedented Coronavirus has affected everyone across all nations and although to different extents it has been an extremely difficult situation to adapt in for everyone.

Restrictions across Australia have varied, however one thing that remained consistent was for everyone to stop seeing their families until it was deemed safe to do so. These restrictions were in place to protect the vulnerable and to stop the rapid spread of Coronavirus. Although there were exceptions of seeing loved ones if they needed to be cared for or required medical assistance, this didn’t affect the majority and most found themselves at home for long periods of time without having any face to fact contact with their loved ones.

 After weeks of staying inside and only leaving the house for things that were deemed essential, Australians have been given the green light to visit family members they are not living with. Up to 5 people can now visit at one time at a private residence, allowing that little extra freedom we have all been longing for.

 Which is great news! But what was life like in the weeks where we weren’t allowed to see anyone except for the cat we lived with?

Some people have learnt how to find things to distract themselves to avoid losing their mind being cooped up, from DIY’s to dying their hair a new colour. For those who have regular treatments to enhance appearance, fortunately there have been companies that continued to stay open through-out the pandemic, allowing you to keep some things in your life familiar.

 With dentists and other cosmetic businesses unable to open due to restrictions, our teeth whitening kits are delivered to you contact-free so you have no risk of falling victim to COVID19 and you don’t need to leave the house or be around people unnecessarily.

 If whitening your teeth was part of your every day routine or you were planning on improving your smile before the pandemic took your freedom, BryteSmile offer the same effective treatment for you to enjoy safely within your own home.

 Our teeth whitening strips are an easy time killer and even though they only require 30 minutes out of your day, if you couldn’t find that time prior to restrictions being applied - now you have it. The whitening treatment only takes 14 days to complete so by the time you can see your family again, you can welcome them into your home with a new whiter and brighter smile.


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