How many people have died in Australia from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus started out as an isolated issue, it was mostly concealed in China and Western countries were notably unbothered by the threat. It wasn’t long until we saw how rapidly this virus spread and how quickly it made its way through-out the globe in such a short amount of time. The virus affected some countries worse than others and fortunately for Australia we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and coming out on the other side relatively unscathed, although that doesn’t go without saying that we have tragically lost some of our own.

During the early stages of the pandemic, it wasn’t clear on who was most vulnerable to catch it and who was most vulnerable to suffer a severe case. In the following weeks we found that the people who were most at risk of contracting the virus were travellers, people who had direct contact with someone who had recently been overseas, people in correctional and detention facilities and people in group residential settings.

Once the high risk groups were established, statistics of confirmed cases started to soar and inevitably a pattern on people who were more likely to be higher risk of serious illness if they contracted the virus became clear. Groups included, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders over 50 years, people 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions, people 70 years and over, people with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems, people with a disability and people in aged care facilities.

The first confirmed case of coronavirus in Australia was on January 25 and just four days later it had claimed its first victim, a passenger from the cruise ship Ruby Princess. Unfortunately some 22 people from the same cruise perished from the virus, although this was not the only high risk environment for contracting it. Clusters were popping up all over the country, including aged care facilities.

The public observed that the slow implementation of restrictions in Australia was the reason leading to an outbreak that spread quickly throughout the country resulting in some devastating results. To date Australia has seen a total of 7249 confirmed cases, of those 6683 have recovered however 102 people have been confirmed deceased, these statistics are changing every day although the good news is that they are drastically on the decline.

So what can you do to protect our vulnerable community? Stay indoors and don’t leave the house unless it’s absolutely necessary, we know it isn’t ideal but even those who are trying their best to isolate are still finding themselves ill. With all this time spent indoors surrounded by doom and gloom, use it as an opportunity to look after yourself, add some positivity into your day and maybe do something you wouldn’t normally do because maybe you simply haven’t found the time, like whitening your teeth.

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