Are Dentists Open in Coronavirus Outbreak?

Are dentists open in corona virus pandemic? It is a deadly virus that causes everyone to panic. Anyone can get the virus that is why the government urges us to stay at home. We are all worried and the whole world is in lockdown in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Every precaution is practiced in order to avoid being infected. Medical doctors, nurses, and other health workers are the most at risk. The dentist can no longer work on your teeth the way they use to. Since they exposed themselves to the possibility of getting infected.

Can I still go to the Dentist during this pandemic?

This pandemic has changed the way we care for our teeth. In order to limit the spread of coronavirus most establishments including dental shops were closed.As a safety precaution regular visit to your dentist has been canceled except for emergencies. That is why your scheduled routine check-up will be put on hold until further notice from authorities.No more cleaning and teeth whitening system on the dental Schedule as of the moment.

Why such restrictions?

Skipping your routine check-up may help in minimizing the number of Coronavirus positive patients. Every time your dentist works on your teeth can produce aerosol transmission of the virus. These are droplets formed through a mixture of saliva and blood, which exemplify infectious gross contamination with microorganisms.

These fluids while doing a procedure may come in contact with your dentist and his patient. These tiny particles may remain suspended in the air for quite some time and may cause infection to others who are around the vicinity.If someone breathes this in, they can get infected.

Studies showed that from a patient’s oral cavity aerosol travels and remains airborne suspended for 20 minutes. The droplets remain up in the air until they evaporates.

When Emergency calls

In emergency cases like a serious dental problem, health authorities allow Dentists to treat it right away. Dental patients who are in fatal situations such as bleeding, swollen areas, or broken teeth have to undergo urgent treatment. A number of hospitals in the metro still accept bookings for dental patients if it needs immediate medical attention. In most cases, if some conditions are left untreated, they could potentially develop into serious illness. In due course, your dentist decides what to be done urgently.

Coronavirus has changed our life’s perspective as well as how we act in every situation. The best thing we can do is to follow the protocols for us to avoid being infected. Stay safe today and help stop the spread of this terrible virus.

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