When Will Lockdown End?

The Coronavirus has been making its way across the globe since late 2019. With not much attention drawn to it in the media, it was an unprecedented turn that our year has taken.

 It’s the question that lingers in the back of all of our minds - how long will the coronavirus lockdown last?. We have gone from thinking this virus won’t affect us, to being confined to our houses, only being allowed outside for essential duties. Days have turned into weeks and weeks into months, it seems as though this virus is never ending and we are all left wondering if life on the other side will be the same.

 Unfortunately, lockdown will be part of our lives until we see coronavirus cases plummet within the community and where there have been no new confirmed cases for a consistent amount of time. According to the Government there is a two-part formula for predicting the reduction in COVID19 cases. We have seen that on average it takes 7 days to see a change in the daily number of cases and those who are carrying the virus but are asymptomatic require an extended amount of time from recognising their symptoms to getting tested and receiving results.

 Although the spread has slowed across Australia thanks to travel restrictions, the closure of non-essential businesses and social distancing, the end of the lockdown will depend significantly on the general public abiding by the guidelines that have been put in place as we start easing restrictions.

 From what we have seen around the globe, lockdowns have ended at an average of 10 weeks, keeping in mind that this is an average and it could very well be beyond that based on how communities respond to the easing of restrictions and if they abide by social distancing measures.

So what are we to do for 10 weeks where we aren’t allowed to leave the house? There is only so much television we can watch, board games we can play, naps we can take, people have also resorted to DIY jobs around the house, increasing the number of accidents and injury. So what are we meant to do that entertains us, keeps us safe and keeps us fulfilled?

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 So while you’re locked up, improve your smile to be whiter and brighter and allow our teeth whitening strips to make you look fresh and ready for the outside world when lockdown ends.


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