The BryteSmile teeth whitening strips are a quick and convenient way to get that smile you have always desired. We aim to create your teeth cleaner, whiter and brighter with our unique teeth whitening system which was in development for two years in order to give you the best DIY teeth whitening solution.

BryteSmile is a health and beauty brand located in Melbourne, Australia. Our teeth whitening strips were made possible by the ingenious teeth whitening designers of Australia. We want to create the perfect solution for busy people who want to feel more confident about themselves.

BryteSmile believes that everyone should have the opportunity to show off their smile with the most convenient way to teeth whiten anytime and anywhere. The BryteSmile pack contains 14 daily pouches of teeth whitening strips and has a 5.5% hydrogen peroxide whitening solution. With our teeth whitening strips we guarantee visible results after the first use and cause no sensitivity to teeth or gums. The treatment is for 30 minutes a day with a top and bottom strip in each pouch.