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5 tips for making your smile memorable

whitening your teeth

Maintaining a memorable smile requires constant attention and little self-love. With so much information on the internet about how to achieve the best smile you can, we thought we would narrow it down to the top 5 tips of making your smile memorable.


  1. Avoiding discolouration
Your teeth are covered in tiny pores that absorb the food and drink we have. Coffee, wine and dark foods dive into these pores below your enamel and overtime the discolouration will become more noticeable. So if you aren’t willing to give up your caffeine addiction or daily wine o’clock, get yourself a metal straw so that these foods bypass your teeth, minimising the risk of discolouration.


  1. Say no to plaque

Plaque builds up on the surface of your teeth and can cause unwanted stains pretty easily, so make sure you are brushing regularly - even after meals or a coffee just to make sure you don’t give it a chance to build up.


  1. Relax!

A little tip not many people know is to relax your jaw! Don’t press your teeth together, this can strain your neck and face muscles which can be unflattering. Keep a small space between your top and bottom rows for a more natural and softer smile.


  1. Boost your confidence

Sounds crazy considering your smile might be the reason you are lacking confidence in the first place but the perfect smile doesn’t have to have the Hollywood look. If you have a reason to smile, then smile. A genuine smile is the best kind.


  1. Whitening your teeth

Whitening your teeth can transform your teeth to the next level and the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Even a shade or two brighter can enhance your smile to make it memorable. Whitening strips and at-home treatments are the perfect quick fix!


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