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How to make your teeth whiter in 3 minutes at home?

Being stuck at home while the world deals with the pandemic has many taking the time to learn new skills. However, just because your time at home has increased, doesn’t mean the time taken to perfect things needs to. With an abundance of teeth whitening products available its only reasonable to wonder how whitening your teeth can be done so quickly, we won’t lie, the entire process will take around 30 minutes, but read on to find out how it only takes you 3 minutes at home.

You’ll realise quickly from a simple google search the vast array of products, techniques and services out there for giving your smile those perfect white teeth you’ve always dreamt of. Unfortunately, there is a common theme among them all, they all require time and effort. Nothing good comes easy they say, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever and that’s exactly what motivated the BryteSmile team when making the easy to use teeth whitening strips.

When using the teeth whitening trips, the user must leave them on for 30 minutes and for the best results it is strongly advised to brush your teeth 30 minutes prior to application and once again afterwards to remove the excess gel from the strip. By this stage you’re probably thinking “the more I read the longer the process becomes”, don’t worry though that’s not the case and here’s why.

The process may take time but remember that’s only because we want to make sure you walk away smiling with whiter teeth. The application stage takes less than 3 minutes, experts say it should take approximately 2 minutes to brush your teeth, leaving you with a whole minute to spare, which is all you need!


Let’s break down how simple the process really is.

  • Brush your teeth (two minutes)
  • Apply teeth whitening strips (25 Seconds)
  • Let the strips work their magic (30 minutes)
  • Remove strips (5 seconds)
  • Brush off excess gel (30 seconds)

The key take away from all of this is how quick and easy the process is to get whiter teeth. Taking the time to book an appointment, commute to your dental practitioner, sit in the waiting room, receive treatment and return home surely highlights the value the BryteSmile teeth whitening strips offer.

Spending more time at home doesn’t mean things need to take longer and if you’re in an area subject to restrictions leaving home may not even be an option, besides now you can get those pearly whites from the comfort of your own home with less than 3 minutes of work, if you can find a better option get in contact and let us know.

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