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How to instantly remove tobacco stains from teeth

Your teeth absorb the materials from food, drinks and other substances, this often leads to undesirable discolouration and stains on your teeth. When you smoke, the nicotine and tar in tobacco is easily absorbed into your teeth resulting them to turn yellow and brown, which means even if you are using e-cigarettes there is still a good chance your teeth will be affected by the nicotine.

If you are one to chew tobacco, I am sorry to say but mixing it with your saliva is the perfect cocktail for stained teeth. When combining tobacco and saliva, it creates a dark brown substance that will guarantee a nice shade of brown over your pearly whites.

Tobacco stains are proven to be quite difficult to remove, usually because they have been forming over many years of smoking and by the time someone is wanting to get rid of them, they have already made themselves a nice home within the enamel of your tooth.

Although hard to remove, it can still be done with a little bit of persistence. One way to stop new stains from forming is to stop smoking, which let’s be honest probably isn’t an ideal option for the majority. Alternatively, finding a good teeth whitening kit is your best bet to lift tobacco stains, keeping in mind that if you still smoke, you will need to be proactive about continuous treatment to avoid future discolouration.

If you are sick of looking in the mirror and have tried teeth whitening treatments that seem to take forever to work, look no further. BryteSmile Teeth whitening strips are your go-to, your instant smile enhancer. Using a safe hydrogen peroxide gel, they will penetrate the enamel and work instantly on removing yellow and brown stains that have been masking your smile for so long. Although results may vary from person to person, you may be able to see improvements after just one 30 minute application and without breaking the bank you could have a new whiter and brighter smile within 14 days of beginning treatment without any inconvenience or pain.

The best way to reduce future stains caused by tobacco, is of course to stop smoking or chewing tobacco, but we aren’t here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, so keep up the flossing, brushing and dentist cleans along with your teeth whitening strips and you will never have to worry about those pesky brown stains ruining your smile again.

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