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How to Make Your Teeth White Naturally at Home and Fast!

whitening your teeth

Teeth start to naturally lose their whiteness with age, there are also multiple factors that contribute to teeth becoming discoloured and losing their white shine. Certain foods can quickly stain your enamel and plaque build-up can cause your teeth to look yellow over time. Generally, this kind of discolouration can be treated by consistent cleaning and whitening remedies that can be done in your own home.

 We’ve all seen the at-home hacks that promise you the fastest way to achieve whiter teeth. The methods usually consist of at least 47 different ingredients that you need to go to 10 different stores to get and the process is as messy as it sounds. By the time you have attempted to whiten your teeth using step-by-step guides found on the internet, you come to realise that you actually can’t see much difference at all and the time wasn’t worth the result.

 When trying to enhance the whiteness of your teeth, the number one priority you should have is to keep your teeth healthy. Damaging your enamel can cause increased sensitivity leading to future issues down the track.

 You can begin whitening your teeth with changing up your diet, cutting or limiting the amount of coffee, tea, wine and soda you have will help reduce the speed of discolouration to your teeth and if you’re not ready to give up the coffee just yet - make sure you brush your teeth within 30 minutes of having it, which I am sure we can all agree isn’t the most practical method.

 There is also a method called oil pulling which consists of washing your mouth with oil that will help to remove plaque and bacteria, there has been some research that shows that oil brushing can assist in whitening teeth.

Both of these methods can be done in the comfort of your own home, unfortunately, though it doesn’t sound like it will give you much comfort during the process, a mouth full of oil? I’ll pass.

That’s where our teeth whitening strips come into the picture. Our strips use hydrogen peroxide which is a bleach the professionals swear by when wanting to achieve a stand out a white smile. It will assist in lifting those yellow stains and replacing them with a fresh new white look. The best part is, you can apply them yourself in the comfort of your own home and they only need to be applied for 30 minutes a day for 14 days. Or however many days you desire.

 When using our whitening strips, you will notice results after your first use and the best part is, your smile will only become brighter the more you use them. So don’t force yourself to wash your mouth with oil, or change your diet just to achieve white teeth. Using BryteSmile strips will give you your dream results naturally in a matter of days through the easiest process there is.


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